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    CNBMEP Attends the Annual Meeting of BRI

    On June 10-11, 2019, The fourth annual meeting of BRI environmental big date platform & international platform for environmental technology was held in Beijing, which was sponsored by foreign environmental cooperation center (FECO) of ministry of ecology and environment (MEE) , CNBMEP was invited to attend and give a special report .

    Zhao yingmin,vice minister of MEE, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The keynote speech of the conference introduced the general situation of pollution prevention and control in China, the progress and cooperation opportunities of green "One Belt And One Road" construction, the progress and technical requirements of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the policies and ideas of water environment management in industrial parks, and shared the successful experience of environmental protection technology cooperation service on the "One Belt and One Road".

    About 400 representatives from the ministry of ecology and environment, the United Nations environment programme, the United Nations industrial development organization, the world bank, some embassies in China, as well as relevant local environmental protection departments, scientific research institutes, industrial parks, social groups and Chinese and foreign environmental protection enterprises attended the meeting.

    As the only representative in the field of air pollution control, CNBNEP shares China's advanced technology and project management experiences. He Yuxiang, vice minister of the international business department of CNBMEP, introduced the general situation of CNBMEP and the "glass furnace flue gas denitrification and dust removal project of KIBING(Malaysia) Co., Ltd.", which was selected as the green development and successful demonstration case by the MEE, including project implementation process control, social and economic benefits and practical experience, especially the difficulties and opportunities encountered of the project, which resonated with many representatives and made in-depth exchanges. Some of them expressed their willingness to seek win-win development with our institute.

    In the future, CNBMEP will strengthen ecological and environmental cooperation with relevant enterprises and organizations ,and make contributions to promote green development and global sustainable development.

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